about me

My name is Alexandra Genevieve Agar and I am a storyteller with a passion for people and cameras. However, before I became a filmmaker, I was a kid who liked stories. Born to a military family, I grew up moving. A lot.


Every year or two, my family and I would pack up and move to a new place. While I thought I’d settle down after finishing school, my passion for new places never stopped: 14 moves later, I’ve lived in 10 U.S. states and 5 countries. 


Now based in Miami, I am a full-time filmmaker. From Texas to Peru, from Kansas to California, I have always been fascinated by people and their stories. I started documenting and sharing these stories after working as the editor in chief of my high school newspaper and never stopped. From working as a wedding photographer’s assistant to camera assisting on feature films, I have followed the story, wherever it took me.

my mission:

    Like many filmmakers, I love to play with cameras and watch movies. But before I pick up a camera, I am passionate most not about the gear as much as the people in front of the lens. To me, the story is what matters most. From my work with Sin Barreras in Central Virginia to documenting sexual assault on universities, I am committed to telling stories that have been left untold.

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